Our brave boys

In a foreign land
they fight the foe
But who they are
Do we really know
The politicians say …
But is it really so
Our brave boys


They fight and die
For freedom’s cause
In support of whose
Archaic laws
Come soon the time
When we withdraws
Our brave boys
A mother’s son
Does his bit
To the hilt
But what’s it’s worth
At the end if it for
Our brave boys


A politician’s gain
Or freedom found
Our soldier boys
Of stark renown
When will you be
Homeward bound
Our brave boys
From me I thank you
For what you have done
For my freedom’s sake
Those battles won
I salute you
My old son
Our brave boys.
©Michael Birchmore 2008

What if

If you don’t have a go,
you’ll never know.
All you’ll be saying is “what if”?

©Michael Birchmore 2013

Blood Count

Do you hear that creaking on the stair?

Have you ever wondered if there’s anyone there?

Well let me tell you, yes there is

And not what you want for a goodnight kiss.


I am your worst nightmare

I am the thing that you fear most

I am malevolence personified

I am the Blood Count

Bow down before me my minions

Submit to me your every desire

I demand from you your total submission

And I’ll take you down into inferno’s quagmire


I am your Jack the Ripper

I am the psychopath lurking in the shadows

I am your twisted sister

I am the Blood Count

I won’t take no for an answer

I’ll crawl through your mind and steal your soul

You may think of me as a pleasure enhancer

You want to live a life of rock and roll?


I am your Frankenstein monster

I am the whisper of the guillotine

I am the sympathy for the devil

I am the Blood Count.

I am addiction

I am perverse

I am affliction

Or the converse

I am confusion

I am base tempter

I am delusion

I am the Blood Count.


©Michael Birchmore 2013

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