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Welcome to my wonderland of words and pictures. I am, as you might have surmised, Michael Birchmore.

Having spent the best part of 40 years in various aspects of business and industry I have decided to concentrate on a big love of my life, words and pictures.

I love creating things, especially pictures and stories. The buzz of completing a piece is as evocative now as it was when I was a teenager. As a writer I see myself as a portal to an infinite number of worlds and realities.

Now, though, I am able to do it commercially and there is no better thing than really enjoying what others call work. As I am sure you are aware, words and pictures make up a vital part of commercial communication.

What I Do

To describe what I do, and can do for you, I will split into two sections. Conveniently we’ll call these sections words and pictures.

  • Words – for myself I write books and poems. I have written one book called “How to have a happy Christmas” and am working on a few ideas for novels. I have written, and had published poems, some of which you can see on my site here. Commercially I offer a copywriting service. This means that people like yourself, can employ me to write articles for such things as newsletters, text for web sites and promotional material, display ads, case studies, blogs and so on. When I write these I don’t just get the information and write, I take into account what you want the material for, who will read it, where it will be published and then write it in a manner that suits your intended audience and purpose. My writing case studies can be termed “content marketing”. Ordinary marketing is telling the world you are a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world you are one and by my writing case studies also provides evidence of this fact.


I offer a proofreading and copy editing service.  So many times have I seen very expensive presentations and promotions fall flat on their face because of a simple spelling or grammatical error. As you will see in my pricing section, this isn’t an expensive service to use but one that could be very costly to ignore if you get something wrong.  The difference can be as much as between “let’s eat grandma” and “let’s eat, grandma”. I can proofread leaflets, websites, conference papers, dissertations, blogs, articles and promotional material.

  • Pictures – “a pictures paints a thousand words” – Barnard, Printer’s Ink, Sometimes words don’t convey the full emotion in a message that a picture can. The mass media take advantage of this with their headline photographs. But the same can be achieved with drawings and paintings. In particular I remember the fashion illustrations of the 1960s depicting the geometric and paisley shapes prevalent of that era. As an illustrator I can draw images that can be used in your journals, blogs, websites that will give a distinct and unique feel to your image. Something we need to stand out from the competition.


I am able to create images in a variety of styles as you will see from my images on here. I can also create images that can be used as wall art. This can add to the atmosphere of your working environment and boost the emotiveness behind a sales drive. Many artists use digital technology to create their images. I like to use that and the good old paper and paint or pen and ink methods depending on the look I am trying to achieve.

Would you like to learn more of what I could do for you?

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